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this. so many lives lost, young lives lost. at the same time, it's been truly inspiring to see the way the community has come together to support one another. >> greta: it's been just terrible. i frankly don't know what to say to anyone here, but thanks for joining us. >> yes. my pleasure. >> greta: thank you for being with us tonight. stay with us throughout the weekend br for latest on the school massacre here in connecticut g night from newtown, connecticut. [ male announcer ] we all make bad decisions.
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like say, gas station sushi. cheap is good. and sushi, good. but cheap sushi, not so good. it's like that super-low rate on not enough car insurance. pretty sketchy. ♪ and then there are the good decisions. like esurance. their coverage counselor tool helps you choose the right coverage for you at a great price. [ stomach growls ] without feeling queasy. that's insurance for the modern world. esurance. now backed by allstate. click or call. we have endured too many of these trag dec in the past few years and each time i learn the news, i react not as a president buas anybody else would, as a parent. and that was especially true today. i know there is not a parent
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in america who doesn't feel the same overwhelping grief they do. the major of those who died today were children. beautiful little kids between the ages of 5-10 years old . they had their entire lives athem. birth days, graduations, weddings, kids of their own. among the fallen were also teachers, men and women who devoted their lives to helping our children fulfill their dreams and so our hearts are broken today. may god bless the memory of the victims and in the words of spritzer. heal the brokenhearted and
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bind up their wounds. that was president obama earlier emotions running high as the country copes with the senseless trag 20 children and 6 adults and breaking moments ago, a source told the ap more than two guns were found in the school. it was recently reported that two handguns were found. federal authorities are working to trace those fire arms. joining me to help explain what the police do now and where they go in the investigation . rod wheeler was teaching a course on active shooters. and former nypd detective joe coffey. he supervised the late son of sam investigation in the 1970s. obviously this kid has emotional problems and you have to be crazy and/or evil
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to kill -- these are babies. kindergarteners here. you dealt with this. this guy is a soc path like almost all of them are. people say they are mentally ill and they probably are. people like him, they are socio paths. meaning they don't center a conscience and a sense of right and wrong and no guilt associated with berkowitz. son of sam. ed him motive. my mother put meave up for adoption. it is crazy. it is it falling back on an excuse. they are socio paths. they are offering counseling to first responders because the scene was so horrific and the families, i
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don't know how as a parent and i am a parent of two kids do you ever overcome i don't know how the recovery coming in. buwhat are police doing. they have to go through the horror of identifying the bodies and going and telling the parents, where do they go from here? they have to respond to a call that involves children. it is one of the worst that a police officer can go tompt when you see the that the officers saw today. it is unbelievable and they will have conflict as a matter of fact. wh the police are doing right now, there is a number of things. a number of unanswered questions that we are trying to figure out. what was the motive behind the guys action. granted he was a socio path. buthere is it always a spark and warning signs in everyone of these cases. right now the investigators and atf. they are trying to figure out
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where these guys got the ammunition from and weapons from why did he select this school and classroom? we are trying to figure out all of that now. you don't have to be an investigator to peace together the fact his mother worked there and he killed his mother and went to the school. he suffered from personality disorder or perhaps tust -- autistic or medication maybe. we'll check in with medical experts later. in my business and law enforcement area. you confront evil. he was the epitome of evil as timothy macveigh and berkowitz. they are creatures that shouldn't walk the earth. and these type of people, they
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are immune to right and wrong. they have no clue. one last question. when a cop walks in and sees that, cops see a lot in the course of their career. that's right. this has got to be particularly traumatic even for them. they have to go in there and identify and people have to clean this up. it is to be difficult for everybody involved in every level. it is it the worst scenario that we can find ourselves n. all police officers are professionals and we are train tod respond and we have to respond in these situations. buwhen it involves children it is the worst thing you can ever experience. we still have to go in and remember them. when the first officer got on the scene, they had no icallyclue whether ther had killed himself. they have to attend to the injured buhad an active shooter to take out. it is a terrible situation to
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deal with, sean. i know one thing, these police officers, they will live with this for the rest of their lives. no doubt. i don't know how the parents recover. as a parent i don't know how you recover. coming up. you are looking at hoboken, new jersey the home. brother ryan lanza and plus word is breaking about the shooter's mental condition. we have the details and stay with us. for the continuing develop ams as they come in the fox news channel.
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18 children pronounced dead at the school and two pronounced dead at the hospitals and six adults pronounced dead at the school. the shooter is deceased in the school. police try to peace together what made 20 year old adam lanza open fire in a connecticut school today his 24 year old brother ryan is in police custody being questioned at this hour. they are outside of the apartment in hoboken, new jersey. what is the latest that you are hearing? just during the commercial break they wrapped up the police tape and it is generally a quiet scene behind me and a very different scene here and part of that confusion likely stemmed from the fact that ryan lanza id was found on adam lanza. you mentioned that he is speaking with police. that is the case. he is not considered a suspect
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neither he or his girl friend. they rolled up here earlier this afternoon and a reliradiable source said they saw police surrounding the building and ryan was hand cuff taken away. he was determined not to be a suspect however. there were all the sorts of conflicting reports. they thought someone was murdered inside of the apartment building behind me or the father. the father is cooperating with the fbi and they are really talking to the family members, we are learning that adam lanza likely had some form of autism and a permanent disorder. back to you. is it true that ryan had not spoken with adam in two years,? well, sean i can tell you we heard the reports, buwe have not been able to confirm.
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tharching you. and in the after math of today's tragedy there were reports earlier this year the sandy hook elementary school implemented safety procedures and so what happened and what else can schools do to prevent incidents from happening in the future? joining me is director of safe havens international. i was peeking to friends of mine that are in the educational world and they are very clear, this school went above and beyond to get boo school, you had to be identified, and then buzzed in. and it seems like in this case. they were doing everything right, what would be the next step? sure, thanks for having me on. and want express condolences to the community and family. i am hearing a number of indications of good things that were in place in the
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school. busecurity is only strong as your weakest link. you buzz them and screen them, we are commonlied to test security and can breach security and we have to have good technology and we have excellent technology today and make sure we are using what we know about how people can be trained to detect subtle signs of danger. does that mean. no approach is fool proof. that's the point. the son of a teacher at the school would be somebody who would probably be let in and you wouldn't know and this is it a town of 27,000. well-to-do community. walk in and get frisked. is another step that every cool has armed guards. they can get in there fairly early. there are other tech techniques that can be used . we have had shootings in the
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schools with metal detectors. there are limits to the techniques. buthere are things in terms of training of staff and pattern matching and recognition and based and staff is trained to pick up on subtle differences we see it when we buzz in the schools to test them. i have been stopped because they detect something is not right to use about the store tore to get in. if the person is normally coming and going from the school it would be unrealistic to expect they would not buzz the school inform we'll not know until there is investigation . a lot of schools and organizations put in good technology budon't necessarily back tup with good training. the human brain is it the greatest defense mechanism and stur vival mechanism known to mankind according to a colleague i respect greatly.
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he's right. if we program the brain and teach people there are a number of incidents that have been stopped through techniques. bunothing is 100%. thank you, sir. coming up next. we are continuing to get details. his brother is in custody and providing crucial information about the gunman's mental condition. we'll have more on that coming up today's tragedy reminds of columbine. we'll speak to a father who lost his daughter. and offers thought tots families that lost everything today the shooting appears to have stopped and the school is in lock down.
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we heard gun shots and the gym teacher directed us to stay against the wall and
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everyone started panicking and then policemen came in and they just liked if he was in here? but then we had to climb in the closest. we heard more gun shots and the ambulance came and then the policemen told us to run out of the build go to the fire department. one little girl's frightening account of what happened in sandy hook elementary school. and the country mourns the tragedy. it is not the first school shooting that the nation has had to deal with. rachel was killed in the columbine high school mass cure. darryl, as a parent, all i can think of today is these parents out buying christmas
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gifts. kids at this age excited about santa claus and christmas is it coming, and now planning a funeral and no christmas or birthdays, how do you recover? you have been through this. well, there is nothing you can tell a parent that lost the child. they need their friends and family. in our case, we made choices. we made the choice not to be angry and better but to celebrate rachel's life and today we have the largest school training programs and reach three million students a year with rachel's challenge and train over 300,000 children and school 500 suicides prevented. a lot of the answers are long term. they are not just a knee jerk reaction or more laws and
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regulations . but we have to be a kinder nation and take time to listen to one another and be role models in these kids. and you are active and in your healing, am i interperting it right. my son craig was in the library and he came within a split second of being killed. and i would have lost two children. my heart goes out to the parents who lost the children and dealing with the trauma of the children going through. and counseling and a they need a lot of love and attention. our hearts and prayers go out to all of these wonderful poem that lost children tonight. when duthink you started to recover. it takes a long time to heal
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this pain. how long did it take you to turn the corner a little bit. honestly, you never totally heal. there is always a hole in your heart when you lose a child. we have children and grand children. but there is always a missing gap there with rachel. it does -- you go through stages of shock ask disbelief and anger and whole gamut of emotions and the initial sting in the first two or three years begins to wear off and you never lose it completey loo. and celebrating their lives and focus on that and not direct the anger toward the shooter and even fractis and this is not a time for those parent to hear but we chose to forgive and some people can't
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do that. forgiveness and focusing on the positive in your child's life goes a long way to helping. darryl, sorry about what happened to your daughter and thanks for sharing your experience and helping more people. nand the shotter may have suffered from a personality disorder. joining me now about the shooter's mental condition. we have doctors here part of the fox medical teem. we heard personality disorder. i heard the term autism and asberger's syndrome. obvious low the kid at this age shooting his mother and going into shoot with abandon all of these kids. would any of those conditions tell you that can happen? he is out of touch with reality. if he had asberger's he may have had ongoing melt downs
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associated with violent behavior. it is possible he was on medication and it was not working and he didn't have empathy and had social problems. but that doesn't explain everything and given the age of 20, that he became pscotic and he had a delusional system that led to a heinous crime. is it always a medical condition. if someone is disconnected from rolit and no sim thee or consciousness and no soul, there is human evil, i mean somebody can kill innocent children like it seems to me that is it evil. i don't know what the doctor's opinion is on i don't let poem off of the hook and say it is it a menal condition. it is an issue of evil here as
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well. here's what i think the common denominator. lack of empathy. you can't walk up to the child and kill it and sigh the child fall to the ground or slump over and maintaining any empathy. why can you lose human empathy. you can be delusional and working on a delusional system. but you could be if you think i do this i save the whole world. and that is one level. and sure personality disorders can do this and other conditions like drug abuse combined with either a mood disorder or personality or all three. but is it a mental illness. of course it is. that lack of empathy doesn't come from no where. and in 20 years sean i never found anybody who does anything like this that been through hell in a way that
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creates mental illness. this is important i think. first resphonders are going to need counseling and the parents. as a parent they are going to need counseling. and stunes are going to be traumatized and post traumatic stress and different and all like want troops go through. what do you expect to happen to the people in the vet administration locked at 600 kids who were, thank god weren't killed will have stress disorder and they will be aggressive, sad or not feeling help and not sleeping well. it can last for months and months if not years. cognitive therapy helps. thank you. and coming up next. a former resident of that tight knit community is
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standing by. that is coming up next right here on hannity.
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welcome back to hanuty as we continued the report on the school shooting. we go back to connecticut where a resident of that tight knit community is joining us. thank you for being with us. you're welcome, sean. tell us about the prayer vigil and information you might have picked up today. the prayer vigil was absolute low beautiful. it was just unbelievable how many people showed up at this church and people outside and just crying. and love and hugging each other. it was absolutely wonderful. yeah. i am stow glad i attended
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it. i am glad you did as well. i know the community will node a lot of healing. it is it a very small tight-knit town. 27,000 people and known as a safe neighborhood, correct? absolutely. there is no crime in newtown. this is it just an isolated incident and he was not even a resident here. he was from new jersey and he used to live there. his mother lived nearby and she was killed before he went on the school rampage. unbelievable. it is very, very sad. were there parents and some of the kids from the school at the vigil, ma'am? nyes, yes, crying. just hugging their parents and crying. and i was hugging my grand daughter and my daughter, it
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was just tharchingful that we are alive. thank you, for share thag with us. when we come back our good friend bo dedle is with us. and you will hear what one first grade teacher told her students when they were waiting for the police to arrive. that emotional story is coming up next. (siren) snote
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>> i am thinking as a six or sen year old what are your thoughts? i am thinking i have to be their parent and have to tell them and i said i need you to know they love you all very
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much. and that it is going to be okay. i thought that was the last thing we were going to hear and i thought we were all going to die . i don't know if that is okay, teachers, but i wanted them to know i loved them and that would be one of the last things they heard and not the gun fire in the hallway. it is horrible, horrible. >> that was a first grade teacher in sany hook elementary thinking about her unbelievable day and likely to hear more stories as the tragedy unfolds . here is dr. michael boden. former nypd detective bo. and psyche therapist is here with us. tunes and teachers and bo has sewn a lot in his day. they will be dealing with a lot. >> it is extraordinarily nto the partners the most? >> right.
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getting healing is most important. what parents can do for the children. get them home so they are in a comfortable situation and provide them with structure. structure is very comforting and not overwhelm them with too much information but be a person . >> would you have them go to vigils and funerals or depends on the kid. >> it depends on the kid and the situation. if their child lost a good friend it might be good to take them to the funeral. it would be okay. and they don't get frightened and it is okay to have a broadrange of e. - emotion . >> i have six children and 1984, we had the palm sunday masscure. this man went in a house and shot and killed 10 kids. they were all sitting around
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and no one ran away. it is it a freeze thing. when someone is systematically shooting people kids freeze. it is like they were all 12 and under. six yore old and five yore old and these kids were all sitting around and all had shots. >> you saw temperature >> vivid in my mind and the first responders i am sure that was horrific. 10 day i saw and largest mass murder in new york history before 9/11. that is burned in my brain. i can just imagine what this was. how come there was no survivors. this punk. probably shot them in the head and if he shot body shots, we would have had a lot more survivors. >> doctor, you have seen many. ni did the autopsies on those. >> you have seen a lot.
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how do you kind of, i guess it is like any job, you have to find a way to compartmentalize what you are witnessing or you don't survive. >> in a sense, the deceedents are out of the pain and misery. it is it the partners and families. they are going through a state that will last a few days until they get their babies back. the sivenadults will be autopsied especially the perpetrator. but the children have to be examined and they have document the injuries on the children and if there are bullets in the bodies they have to be removed. to match it up to the weapons and make sure there was not a weapon they don't know about. it takes time. >> it comes back. and i have been involved with this safe school thing and see something notify.
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and call number there. and it is coming down. i get calls in the office. schools now aring for off duty cops with a gun. let's be honest if a guy had a gun, he might have killed some people you would at least be able to limit it. >> that's what i want. >> that's why they target school systems. >> it is going to come down to it. these are precious thingings. we'll pay for a retired cop with a gun so one of these punks come in. he will not have free will. if he had more bullets and time, he could have killed more until those cops got there. it is horrific. >> i think we are headed there especially cops in new york. >> i think it is it great. but the good news, kids are re

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